Welcome to the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy – The Development Centre for Goalkeepers and Coaches

Our goal is to develop Goalkeepers and Goalkeeping standards through specialist Goalkeeper coaching that is committed to the continual improvement of Goalkeeper specific skills and abilities, using a large pool of qualified coaches, resources, knowledge and experience.

It is the centre for the development of all keepers, of all ages and abilities, as it has a number of coaches available to develop any keeper. There are no restrictions, as all keepers who come to us have the ability to develop. Have a look at our success story... and then come along and check us out.

Times and Dates

New Autumn / Winter 2018 Term Dates

The new Goalkeeping term will start from the 14th September 2018. It will run for the following 12 weeks from 7:15pm to 8:45pm (1.5 hours):

  • Week 1 : Friday 14th September 2018
  • Week 2 : Friday 21st September 2018
  • Week 3 : Friday 28th September 2018
  • Week 4 : Friday 5th October 2018
  • Week 5 : Friday 12th October 2018
  • Week 6 : Friday 19th October 2018
  • Week 7 : Friday 26th October 2018
  • Break
  • Week 8 : Friday 9th November 2018
  • Week 9 : Friday 16th November 2018
  • Week 10 : Friday 23rd November 2018
  • Week 11 : Friday 30th November 2018
  • Week 12 : Friday 7th December 2018


As this is a not for profit Academy, we rely solely on funding. To assist with this funding, Goalkeepers shall be expected to pay for their coaching in the form of a membership fee. Pricing from September 2018 will be as follows:

  • £7 per session; or
  • Pay for a block of 3 sessions for £20; or
  • Pay for a block of 6 sessions for £35; or
  • Pay for a block of all 12 sessions for £60


To register your keeper with us or for further information please email WebContact@worcestergoalkeeperacademy.com



26 responses to “Welcome to the Worcester Goalkeeper Academy – The Development Centre for Goalkeepers and Coaches

  1. Lee Carter

    Hi I would like to enquire about enrolling my son on this course he is 10 years old and plays for St John colts under 11’s. He is enthusiastic and willing to learn and train to improve his game, and has played in goal for the last 5 seasons.

    Kind Regards

    Lee Carter

    • Hi Lee
      Yes, your son will be more than welcome to come along.

      We are on the 3G Astro at the Worcester Uni from 7:15pm to 8:45pm this Friday. After which we have a half term break starting again for another 7 weeks from the 4th November. It’s £6 per session (however discounts available for block booking). So come along and try us out.

      When you attend, Julia will give you a registration form to complete.

      We also have a mailing list. Would you like me to add you? If so please can you provide your email address.

      Best regards,


  2. Claire davis

    Hello, I have a 12 year old who has shown an interest in goal keeping for a couple of years. He plays for a very casual group on a Saturday morning and has just become a member of welland football team.
    Would Ryan be able to pop along or do you have age restrictions?

  3. Lucy Dearlove

    Hi my son currently plays in goal but could do with some specialist training. He’s 12 in May. Can you let me know if he could come along to some training sessions etc?
    Thanks Lucy

    • We would be happy for your son to attend. It may be best for your Seven year old to join us after our Easter break, when we have 4 more sessions planned.

      We will start back 28th April at 7:15pm on the 3 G Astro of the Worcester Uni, and cost is £6 per session.

  4. Nick Cresswell

    Hello, my son plays in goal for Eckington u11s and the coaches all believe he’s got some talent but I would potentially like him to receive some more dedicated goalkeeper training? Do your sessions keep going throughout the summer or do they finish shortly?

  5. Amy wilkinson

    Hi my son is 10 years old and plays in goal for a Sunday team….he is interested in improving himself and was just wondering when you restart training sessions and we are about late in the day for this year..thankyou

    • We are just about to close our doors for this term, however they will be back open again in June and July for 4 more dates and then September for a further 14 weeks. See our website for more details: http://www.worcestergoalkeeperacademy.com

      To enrol just turn up on those nights and I will give you a form to complete.

      I can also add you to our mailing list if you are interested?

      Best regards


  6. Mark mundle

    Hi we are looking for some goalkeeper training for my boy who is just about to get his pre season soon he is a academy player

  7. Hilary Minev

    Would like to book Michael Smith aged 12 on your goalkeeping course. Michael is signed with Kidderminster Harriers.

  8. Rebecca Choyce

    Hi, my son (age 6) plays for the Nunnery Wood Tigers U7 team. He is really keen to become a great goalie. Would he be able to come and train with you? He also has a team mate that is sharing the role with him. Would they both be able to come?

  9. Nikki

    Hi, I’ve sent a couple of emails but not received a reply as of yet. Please could you let me know if there are still places available? Thanks Nikki

    • Hi Nikki,
      I have responded twice, but for some reason you are not getting my messages. Perhaps check your spam filter?

      More than happy for you to turn up on Friday, we can give you a registration form on the night and your keeper can start immediately.

      Best regards


  10. Joe Banner


    What are the age limits for your training camps? My son is 7 and plays in goal for his local team. He is very keen!


  11. Rachel Atkins

    I am enquiring regarding my son to join in training next season. He will be 13, is he still ok to join?

    • Yes of course he will be able to join us.

      Unfortunately the Academy is now closed, but will reopen it’s doors 14th September 2018 – see you then!

  12. Hilary Minev

    Michael Smith aged 13 has previously attended your coaching sessions and would like to join you in September.

  13. Sally Morgan

    My grandson loves playing in goal at his football training on Saturdays but isn’t good enough to be in a team. He is 10,so would he be able to take part in the courses just for skill development and enjoyment?

    • He of course, we are here to develop all Goalkeepers, whatever their ability. We will be able to help him. See you in September when we open our doors!

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