Complaints policy

The Academy shall always strive to provide an Academy of Quality, however in the event that an individual or organisation (the ‘Complaining Party’) may unfortunately be dissatisfied or unhappy with the Academy and/or the levels of coaching experienced, other Feedback the Academy may receive may come in the form of complaints. The following therefore sets out the complaints Policy and procedure for the Academy.

Policy objectives
The Academy is committed to the provision of the appropriate levels of coaching. For piece of mind, should such instances of dissatisfaction arise, the Academy offers the following policy and procedures for dealing with complaints. This shall:

  • Provide an effective means for the Complaining Party and their representatives to complain if they are dissatisfied with the Academy and/or coaching received;
  • Ensure that complaints are dealt with fairly, reasonably, effectively and efficiently within reasonable timescales;
  • Provide the Complaining Party with a formal method of challenging decisions;
  • Provide valuable feedback to the Academy, to assist in the further development of quality standards; and
  • Ensure that records are maintained of complaints.

For the purpose of this policy the definition of a complaint is: “an expression of dissatisfaction or displeasure”, such as:

  • Unreasonable provision of coaching to a reasonable standard;
  • Unreasonable query resolution or response;
  • Discourteous or dishonest behaviour by a member of staff; and
  • Harassment, bias or unfair treatment (please also refer to the Equal opportunities policy).

 Complaints to the Academy shall be processed through the Academy’s Welfare Officer


On receipt of a complaint from the Complaining Party, the Academy shall record the complaint and provide a written acknowledgement to the Complaining Party within one (1) week.

 The Academy aims to fully investigate and resolve all complaints within one (1) month. However, if in the event that the Academy is unable to resolve the complaint within this timescale, the Academy shall contact the Complaining Party to offer an interim response, informing the Complaining Party of the reasons for the delay and of the anticipated response date. Further updates shall be given in writing at reasonable intervals until the investigation has been completed.

 Upon completion the Academy shall:

  • Present a report of its findings to the Complaining Party;
  • Correct any areas that are at fault; and
  • Seek reassurance from the Complaining Party that they are fully satisfied with the response and the necessary actions that were taken.