Former coaches

We have seen a number of coaches at the Academy, some from a respected background working at the highest levels and those who have now moved on to working at similar levels too, home and abroad.

The Worcester Goalkeeper Academy sends special thanks to the following coaches for their help, unpaid time and dedication:

  • Andy Elleray
  • Andy Morgan
  • Andy Taylor
  • Ashley Kingdon
  • Grant Shepherd
  • Hannah Cresswell
  • Harry Kitchen
  • Jimmy Croy
  • Jon Barrington
  • Luke Johnston
  • Luke Shearing
  • Mark Oxer
  • Matt Hutchinson
  • Richard Mace
  • Robbie Powell
  • Russell Pinfield
  • Stuart Andrew
  • Tim Whiteman
  • Wayne Tooth

Also special thanks and memories go to the late, great Bernard Day. Someone who was and will always be remembered at the Academy in all we do. A very special man and very good friend x


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