Goalkeeper expectancies and code of conduct

The Academy has the following expectancies of the Keepers, of which they shall be required to reasonably conform to:

Enthusiasm for the Keeper position;

Striving to improve their Keeper performance, through a willingness to contribute maximum effort and learn more about this exceptional role:

  • During classroom sessions;
  • During practical sessions; and
  • Outside of the Academy: At their respective clubs; In any homework provided by the Academy; and Completing a weekly diary;

General self discipline:

  • Reasonable language; and
  • Reasonable conduct towards other Keepers and Coaches;

Attending sessions on time each week:

  • Getting there early to warm up prior to sessions; and
  • Moving between sessions quickly and efficiently;

Wearing appropriate clothing including:

  • Gloves at all times (preferably clean gloves),
  • Wet weather gear,
  • Astro boots; and
  • Shin pads;

Maintaining appropriate clothing (keep them clean)

Provide feedback to Coaches