Health and safety

The Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy coaching environment for its Coaches, Keepers, Parents and 3rd Parties. The following provides basic safety information required to ensure all parties are fully informed of essential procedures.

Expectancies of All Parties

The Academy expects all parties to:

  • Co-operate with the Academy on all health and safety matters;
  • Not interfere with any item which has been provided in the interest of safety;
  • Report any hazards or suspicious activities;
  • Report ALL accidents and incidents they become aware of.

First Aid

All parties must advise the Academy if they have any medical condition which they think the Academy should be aware of;
First Aid kits are taken into the coaching environment and are also located within the University. First Aid kits are to be used by the appropriately First Aid qualified Academy coaches.

 Incident reporting

If there is an incident/accident:

  • All parties must report ALL incidents even if they do not sustain personal injury; and
  • The Accident/Incident book must be fully completed and can be from the Academy on request.

On discovery of a fire whilst in the building:

  • Leave the building – Green and white EMERGENCY rectangular signs provide emergency information for guidance to a place safety;
  • If possible, without risk to yourself or others, make sure that doors and windows to the room where the fire is discovered are closed;
  • On the way out, activate the nearest fire alarm call point by breaking the glass (red and white signs provide information for their location, as does the floor plan). This shall activate the fire alarm and alert the Fire Marshals who shall summon the Fire Service; and
  • Make your way to the building’s assembly point and await instructions from the Fire Service.
  • IMPORTANT: ​Only tackle the fire with an extinguisher, if it is safe to do so and do not put yourself at any risk.

On hearing the fire alarm (which is a continuous sounding of bells or sirens):

  • Close doors and windows to the room you are in;
  • Evacuate the building quickly and calmly;
  • Make your way to the assembly point;
  • DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings; and
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until the Fire Service have declared it safe to do so.