Parents expectancies and code of conduct

The Academy has the following expectancies of the Parents, of which they shall be required to reasonably conform to:

General self discipline:

  • Reasonable language; and
  • Reasonable conduct towards Keepers and Coaches;

Encourage Keepers in:

  • Timekeeping (enable their Keeper to attend sessions on time each week); and
  • Wearing and maintaining appropriate clothing;

Encourage Keepers contribute maximum effort outside of the Academy:

  • In any homework provided by the Academy; and
  • Completing their weekly diary;

To support the Keeper through tough performances:

  • Discussing performance, assessing options using a positive framework [please do not focus on goals and clean sheets and please refrain from telling the Keeper what to do during performance];

Provide feedback to the Academy on Keeper performance: 

  • Outside of the Academy, including communicating identified improvements, problems, issues and concerns of the Keeper and the Academy;

 Health and Safety requirements:

  • In line with our Health and Safety requirements we can only allow Keepers and appropriately qualified/vetted Coaches and volunteers into the training area (Astro Pitch), so we kindly request that Parents watch from outside this training area.