Technical Development

 Worcester Goalkeeper Academy Technical Development 

Technical Development is the biggest area of the Development process as it incorporates the needs of Handling and Kicking, together with Diving, Positioning, Distribution and Dealing with different types of shot at or across goal.

Full assessment of all areas of Technical Development include:


  • Throwing – Left and Right Hand – Distance and Accuracy
  • Kicking – Left and Right Foot: From Hands or Dead ball – Distance Power and Accuracy


  • Scoop Save including K position
  • Cup Save 
  • W’s Save


  • Diving at feet
  • High and low diving saves 
  • Collapse and smother


  • High balls
  • Set pieces, crosses and corners
  • Back pass
  • Dribble and drive

Assessments of these could include the other aspects of development: Physical (Stamina, Speed and Agility), Psychological (Confidence, Decisions and Reactions) or Social (Team work, Communication and Coach-ability)


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